Menacing Ignorance

Black and white picture of attendees at Camp Trans, Michigan 1994. In the foreground, left to right, are Riki Wilchins, Leslie Feinberg and Minnie Bruce Pratt.
  • The widely-circulated paper by Murray et al included highly-disputed claims about trans law which were poorly sourced and published without peer review by a legal expert.
  • Academic publishing and the media climate has obscured rather than clarified trans law.
  • The continuing production of ignorance about trans life is a citational practice and a campaigning strategy which continues to exclude trans people from academic work and social life.

The Purpose and Argument of Our Article

How Our Article was Published

Pedantry and Argument

Producing Ignorance




Writer and performer. From Orkney, lives in Leith.

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Harry Josephine Giles

Harry Josephine Giles

Writer and performer. From Orkney, lives in Leith.

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